Smithbuilt Project: Ames Cottage on AIA Architecture in the City Tour

When I started the Ames remodel project I knew that it was a unique space with historical roots.Apparently, the American Institute of Architects felt the same way as our remodel was selected for the 2009 AIA homes tour this fall.Check out the cover of the home tour guide that’s us on the bottom.Our Ames Cottage on AIA Tout

Converted from a three car garage in the 1940’s this space on Ames Alley housed Betty May school for dance until the early 80’s when Betty May passed away.

Ames frontage after renovation.

The studio holds a special place in my heart because not a month goes by without someone stopping me to talk about the fact that they or someone they know danced or was somehow involved in the studio. It was real neighborhood fixture.

I lived in the studio while I renovated the front flats of my house on Guerrero.

Serving as a design motif I preserved the tap marked maple floors and built up and around this grounding element.

The bathroom where a skylight above doubles as a rooftop table.

The kitchen with custom cabinetry built by my friend Steve.

The fireplace is wrapped in 1/4″ x 1 1/2″ slats that were milled from the existing douglas fir roof joists before we raised the ceiling height and replaced the roof with engineered trusses.

This was my first vertical succulent garden.

Our small but oh so deep soaking tub was formed in placed by concrete works.

Check us out on the Inhabitat blog.


One Response to “Smithbuilt Project: Ames Cottage on AIA Architecture in the City Tour”

  1. Very serene little home. I was wondering, what color was used on the exterior? Also, if you wouldn’t mind sharing where you purchased the bathroom cabinet and fixtures? Thank you.

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